Low Pressure DAF
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Low Pressure DAF

Dense, homogeneous micro-bubbles generate extremely high interphases and enable in most cases, a separation of almost 99% of the settleable matters or oil. At the same time, the systems attain extremely high dry mass contents or pure oil sludge.

The Low Pressure Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system’s simple and innovative design increases the flow by removing effluent from the same end of the tank as the influent is introduced, resulting in a higher hydraulic loading rate.

Applications of Low Pressure DAF

Features and Benefits

  • Very high Saturation-rate (99,99 %) with 3 bars saturation pressure
  • Self-cleaning pressure release valves
  • High Overflow Rate
  • Small Footprint
  • Low Operational cost
  • Easy to Cover (off-gas treatment)
  • Excellent Oil and Grease Removal
  • Excellent TSS Removal
  • High Float Concentration
  • Easily Handles Settled Solids
  • Tolerant of Large Flow Changes
  • Tolerant of Large Concentration Changes
  • Almost non chemicals needed

Comparison to classical DAF