Water Reuse
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Water Reuse

While in the past the focus for purifying wastewater was primarily on preventing the contamination of bodies of water, the rapid increase in water demand has increasingly shifted attention to processing wastewater for subsequent use. Water processed with our solutions meets the most stringent standards and can be immediately used without hesitation for purposes such as the following:

Applications for recycled water

  • Irrigation
  • Flushing toilets
  • Washing cars
  • Mixing concrete
  • Sprinkling to prevent the development of dust
  • Water for cooling and firefighting
  • Fountains and decorative ponds

The reuse of water offers particular benefits in regions where the amount or quality of ground and surface water is insufficient or where technical treatment capacities are limited. Acute water shortages already exist, particularly in areas with concentrated population and in developing and emerging countries. This problem is accompanied by clear negative impacts on the population and industrial production.

Grey water utilization

Grey water is water with a low pollution level and no fecal matter such as produced by showers, bathrooms, wash basins and washing machines.

The use of grey water reduce fees for potable water and wastewater discharge. Due to its relatively low level of contamination grey water utilization is representing an extremely efficient way of cutting costs. Furthermore, grey water often contains a high level of thermic energy which can be recovered and used for different applications.

Grey water utilization is well-proven as a possibility to save money in large groups of buildings, laundry services, hotels, ships and productions facilities since many years. There are various technical approaches to treat grey water. According to the individual situation INNOCHEM uses different physical, chemical and/or biological systems.

Grey water treatment systems designed by INNOCHEM require little space and can always guarantee the hygienic requirements of the European Directive concerning the quality of bathing water.