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Municipal Solutions

Managing Municipal Water means responsibility. INNOCHEM offers appropriate solutions to meet the high expectations of citizens, municipal boards and regulators. INNOCHEM will help you when it’s time to upgrade systems, integrate new components and technology, helping to meet new environmental standards.

INNOCHEM understands that your municipality’s needs are both unique and of the highest priority. We offer the largest array of customized solutions and services for water and wastewater treatment to ensure flexible, cost-effective treatment solutions on your terms.

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Excess Sludge Reduction: INNOCHEM offers a number of innovative solutions to avoid the appearance of excess sludge during biological waste water treatment.


Membrane bioreactors rank among the most efficient biological wastewater treatment plants. Compact construction volume, high standards of treatment, effluent completely free of microorganisms...


Low Pressure DAF: Dense, homogeneous micro-bubbles enable in most cases, a separation of almost 99% of the settleable matters or oil. 


Membrane filtration: Membrane technique is a technique for the separation of suspended or dissolved materials by molecular weight and size.