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In the past 50 years, the global demand for fish products has doubled. Today, more than 45 % of the world’s seafood comes not from wild catch but from either land-based or off- shore fish farms. Aquaculture is cultivating fresh-water or salt-water marine species in controlled environments. These farms face the challenges of maintaining optimal fish growing conditions: appropriate nutrition, prevention of diseases and maintaining a healthy water environment. The most important factor for achieving healthy fish is to have healthy water. Thus, controlling the concentration of oxygen dissolved in water is crucial in aquaculture. Generally, the following conclusion can be made: the closer the oxygen concentration is to air saturation, the better the growth and health conditions are.

Maintaining the right level of oxygen in the water will improve utilization of feed, reduce the growth period, reduce fish mortality and reduce the need for vaccination and antibiotics. As a consequence, the appropriate use of oxygen improves the economic situation of a fish farm significantly and provides additional production reliability.

INNOCHEM system is able to reduce oxygen consumption up to 65 %.

INNOCHEM has the right solution to meet these specific needs. The system was implemented more than 150 times worldwide.

Characteristics of INNOCHEM solution

  • utilizes oxygen very well
  • oxygen concentration is closed to air saturation
  • high capacity – easy to regulate
  • easily tailored to any basin geometry
  • easy to use and handle
  • high efficiency by small bubbles and hydrodynamic design
  • high capacity from a low pressure – low energy demand
  • long life

Advantages caused by high oxygen concentration.

  • improvement of health conditions
  • better growth
  • reduction of energy expenses
  • less water consumption and less efforts for pre-treatment
  • raise of yield return
  • faster amortization of investments

Your Benefits at a glance

For many years INNOCHEM has supplied solutions for highly sophisticated oxygenation. INNOCHEM can therefore give professional advice and be of assistance during planning. INNOCHEM can take care of the dimensioning of your future system for oxygenation. This expertise ensures a good result with effective and optimal solutions.

If the dissolved oxygen concentration is increased by 1 mg/L the production is increased by up to 25 %.