Aircraft Industry
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Aircraft Industry

The aerospace industry is unique. Relationships in the supply chain, regulatory risk, competition, and manufacturing methods are different than other industries.

The aerospace industry utilizes and generates a large number and amount of hazardous materials and wastes in its numerous manufacturing operations. These diverse operations involve the use, transportation, treatment, disposal, regulatory compliance, and environmental-liability related to these materials and wastes but can be reduced by a number of source reduction, recycling, resource recovery, and treatment options.

Typical Applications

Over 300 waste streams have been identified in the aerospace industry. Typical wastes generated include:

  • Halogenated solvents associated with metal parts cleaning, degreasing, painting, and paint cleanup;
  • Ferric chloride in printed circuit board etching;
  • Photo-developing solutions;
  • Cooling/cutting oils;
  • Heavy metal waste treatment sludge;
  • Plating/etching/stripping/plating line cleaning solutions;
  • and Laboratory packs and scrap metals.

Waste reduction can reduce the amount of hazardous materials used to make a product as well as the resultant wastes generated. Some methods may require capital investments, although short-term cost savings have been demonstrated in similar industries. These practices can save industry money in the areas of manufacturing, treatment, disposal, liability and place the industry firmly within regulatory compliance.

Different processes related to operation and maintenance of airplanes cause challenging waste waters. INNOCHEM offers innovative solutions for treatment of oily or high COD-loaded (de-icing) waters.