Temporary solutions
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Temporary solutions

Frequently it is known that a wastewater treatment plant needs to be operated only for a limited period (a few years or even just a few months). Regardless of whether a plant is required during renovation of a purification plant or as a sanitary solution at a major construction site, they all have one thing in common: investing in a wastewater treatment plant that must be disposed of after a specific time period is particularly undesirable. For this reason, INNOCHEM has developed transportable container solutions that can be re-installed at any time at another site.


  • Very short erection time
  • Fast and dynamic availability
  • Independent of communal infrastructure and political decisions
  • No investment and operational costs for sewer system
  • Small footprint and space requirement
  • Excellent effluent quality in compliance with the EU Bathing Water Directive
  • Reduction of costs for fresh water due to water re-use
  • Flexible choice of site
  • Expansion capability (modular design)
  • High operational reliability due to self monitoring system
  • Fully automized operation with remote monitoring and control
  • Legal certainty