Pre-Treatment of Wastewater
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Pre-Treatment of Wastewater

Primary wastewater treatment, involves the physical separation of suspended solids from the wastewater. This separation reduces total suspended solids and FOG as well as the biological oxygen demand (BOD) levels and prepares the waste stream for the next step in the wastewater treatment process. Within the primary treatment solutions of INNOCHEM, suspended solids are separated.

A large amount of total suspended solids (TSS) are removed with the separation that takes place. The biological oxygen demand (BOD) is also reduced in this process. After the primary treatment, the wastewater moves on to secondary treatment where a biological treatment process normally takes place.

By means of efficient waste water pre-treatment it is possible to achieve numerous benefits.


  • Enlargement of treatment capacity for existing biological treatment facilities
  • Reduction of volume as well as investment for new biological treatment plants
  • Abatement of necessary footprint
  • Optimization of nitrogen removal due to lower sludge loading
  • Controllable denitrification capacity
  • Less operational costs for aeration
  • Improvement of effluent quality
  • Reduction of surplus sludge due to lower sludge loading
  • Higher yield of Biogas due to larger ratio of primary sludge