Pickling Liquors
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Pickling Liquors

Protective pickling of metallic surfaces has always played an important part in the metal-processing and metal-producing industry. For this purpose, large quantities of acids and lyes are used which have to be disposed of at high expenditure. INNOCHEM is active successfully in this field with special solutions. Primarily solids are separated  from the active baths not only to extend the service life of the pickling liquors but also to significantly reduce the waste disposal costs.



  • No disposal costs for pickling liquors
  • Reduction of costs for chemicals to prepare new pickling liquors
  • Secure disposal – because not needed
  • Simple reliable design and operation
  • Small footprint
  • Low consumables
  • Low energy demand
  • Low costs for maintenance
  • High operational reliability due to self monitoring system
  • Use of high quality industrial components
  • Legal certainty in regard to minimum requirement in the future