Oily Water Treatment
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Oily Water Treatment

The presence of free, dissolved and emulsified oils can cause significant impact to the environment if they are not removed prior to wastewater discharge. Poor oil removal from raw wastewater can also have significant detrimental impact on subsequent treatment technologies such as biological treatment, membranes or de-ionization equipment.

Benefits and Characteristics at a glance

INNOCHEM-solutions for oily water provides a great number of benefits:

  • High reduction rates of free and emulsified oils
  • Even dissolved oils are removable
  • Simplification of subsequent treatment technologies
  • Simple reliable design and operation
  • Small footprint
  • Low consumables
  • Low energy demand
  • Low costs for maintenance
  • High operational reliability due to self monitoring system
  • Use of high quality industrial components
  • Legal certainty in regard to minimum requirement in the future

There is a wide variety of oil/water separation solutions available for the pretreatment of oily industrial wastewater. When selecting an oil/water separation system, the user must first understand the application, i.e. the impact of oil on downstream treatment equipment and how each type of oil/water separator works.