Heat Recovery
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Heat Recovery

Heat recovery is wide spread among industrial producers. But due to our experience there are still considerable potentials of unutilized waste heat:

  • Each kWh of electrical energy used cooling aggregates produces approx. 2 kWh of heat energy.
  • Air discharged by air condition and ventilation plants normally contains a hugh amount of unutilized waste heat.
  • During the production of pressured air heat energy is generated. The intrinsic energy of compression is equivalent to the waste heat energy transported outside less the mechanical energy.
  • For example drying in paint finishing systems a great amount of energy is needed. As a result a high level of heat energy is available.
  • Waste water from diaries possesses high temperatures which should not be discharges to the sewer without heat exchange.

For the recovery of heat there are three methods available: Heat Recuperation, Regenerative Heat Recovery and Heat Pump Technology. INNOCHEM provide methods for heat recovery which are both efficient and highly economical, particularly for the following industries:

  • Swimming Pools
  • Diary
  • Meat Processing Industry
  • Metals and Metal Finishing
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft Industry
  • Fish Processing Industry
  • Textile Industry



  • High energy savings, therefore payback time is often less than 1.5 years
  • Heat-recovery air/air possible
  • Heat-recovery air/water possible
  • Very easy maintenance
  • Automatic cleaning available as an option
  • Highly efficient heat exchangers with anti-adhesion coating
  • Optimum power density