Excess Sludge Reduction
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Excess Sludge Reduction

As populations or production grow, municipalities or companies are forced to find solutions for treating increased volumes of wastewater. As more wastewater is treated with classic methods, the wastewater solids separated during the treatment process create a new challenge, what to do with the increased volume of biosolids.

Disposal of the wastewater solids is difficult task and of course a proper landfill must be available in an acceptable distance. Municipalities and companies have the option to incinerate, bury or further process the wastewater solids into treated biosolids. But incineration and all associated processes need a huge amount of energy. Hence incineration is very expensive.

INNOCHEM has developed a number of innovative solutions to help municipalities or companies avoiding the appearance of excess sludge during biological waste water treatment. These solutions can be implemented in new constructed plants or to retrofit existing plants.




  • Sludge disposal and its costs is reduced to a minimum
  • No need for expensive incineration
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Secure disposal
  • Legal certainty