Chemical Conditioning
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Chemical Conditioning

Cooling Water

The efficiency of a cooling water system influences the profitability of entire plants or essential parts thereof. An efficient system saves costs and strengthens the competitive position of a plant. Very often a system can be improved by marginal changes. Whether corrosion, scaling or damage due to micro-organisms: INNOCHEM develops economically sensible, practicable and eco-compatible treatment solutions - individually adapted to your requirements.

Boiler Water

Steam generating systems operate 24 hours a day. Malfunctions caused by deposits, formation of boiler scale, corrosion or local overheating limit the operational reliability and can lead to interruptions involving enormous economical damage. The quality of the boiler water is of highest priority. INNOCHEM offers the solution for the plant- specific conditioning of your boiler water system; always taking into consideration all ecological and, where applicable, legal requirements for food and drug manufacturing.


Consumers and operators of drinking water installations want to be sure that the water which leaves the water tap has a proper quality at any time. It does not matter if it is an older drinking water installation or not. In some cases the disinfection is unavoidable. Especially the infection risk from the presence of legionnaire in warm water cycles has been in the awareness of the public a lot over the last years.

The selection of a suitable procedure for the water disinfection has to be precisely attuned to the given requirements to guarantee the highest disinfection safety with the lowest risk from disinfection n byproducts. Furthermore local laws have to be regarded which allow only specific agents for the use in drinking water installations.

A series of procedures and technologies for disinfection is at disposal. Each with its specific advantages and disadvantages. Which method is the right choice for the particular application depends on many side parameters. INNOCHEM specialists determine the optimal procedure for your specific needs.