Boosting Efficiency
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Boosting Efficiency

INNOCHEM Retrofit/Rehab Solutions Offer Quality, Cost-Effective Alternatives to New Equipment

For existing water treatment systems that are not operating at optimum efficiency, INNOCHEM offers retrofit and rehabilitation solutions that enhance performance and reduce costs. Through the course of a system's life, efficiency begins to diminish, components need replacement and technology improvements become available.

INNOCHEM's retrofit and rehabilitation solutions focus on restoring your equipment's operating efficiency and extending its useful operating life without the capital expense of purchasing new equipment. INNOCHEM conducts a comprehensive review of your plant's water treatment equipment, current operating procedures and data, and provides you with a detailed report with recommendations for improving your treatment system.


  • Minimize downtime
  • Improve safety
  • Achieve consistent water quantity and quality
  • Reduce maintenance, parts and direct labor
  • Reduce utility and chemical consumption costs