Range of Services
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Range of Services

In the field of environmental technologies INNOCHEM offers a wide range of services, beginning with the first project sketch and end up with turn-key delivery of complete treatment plants including after-sales service. Moreover INNOCHEM is experienced in technical consulting as well as mediation talks between business companies and authorities.

Customers worldwide will attest that INNOCHEM solutions improve processes, drive down costs, and boost profit. INNOCHEM-Experts understand your business and the challenges you face every day.


A very detailed description of our engineering services you find below.



Course of action


Basic Engineering

Analysis and documentation of customers requirements

  • Investigation on-site by experts of INNOCHEM
  • Conduct conversations with the responsible experts of the customer
  • Investigation of existing documents (floor plan, construction drawings, documentation of design, documentation of inlet and outlet quality etc.)
  • Summarize regulatory requirements

Developing a rough-textured project time schedule

  • Definition of Milestones
  • Develop engineering schedule and complete project schedule (to be modified and adapted during the engineering process)

Holistic problem analysis

  • Examination of the present production process
  • Identification of different mass throughputs (liquid, solid, gaseous)
  • Discussion of measures in order to minimize mass throughputs

Develop new process draft

  • Definition of objective targets
  • Involvement of expected strategic production planning
  • Analysis and appraisal of the present operational characteristics
  • Analysis and appraisal of the existing waste water treatment facilities in consideration of procedural function and usability in a new treatment draft
  • Determination of basic design parameters (COD, Suspended solids etc.) by interpretation of existing laboratory analysis (additional examination if necessary)
  • Evaluation of hydraulic situation and determination of design flows
  • Preselection of suitable treatment technologies and combinations of different technologies
  • Approximate design (geometry, expected efficiency etc.)
  • Preparation of a new treatment draft (flow chart) according to the best available technology with regard to optimized investment and running costs
  • Rough estimation of running and investment costs
  • Before we convert the findings of the new treatment draft into planning documents a technical release by the customer is required
  • Modification of the treatment draft if desired

Create basic planning documents

  • Preliminary procedural design of all treatment devices
  • Expansion of above mentioned flow chart
  • Profitability calculation based on running costs (estimation of energy consumption) and investment costs according to German level of prices
  • Analyses of possible technical and economical risks
  • Verbal description of technologies
  • Procedural and process descriptions
  • Development of P&I flow diagram (draft)
  • Preparation of component and equipment list (draft)
  • Development of an installation/layout plan (draft)
  • Verbal description of an operating and automation concept
  • Sketch of safety concept
  • Modification of project time schedule
  • Submission to authorities (if necessary) by the customer escorted by INNOCHEM experts

Release of basic planning documents

  • Presentation of planning documents by INNOCHEM experts on-side
  • Release of planning documents by the customer
  • Modification of planning documents if desired

Detail Engineering


  • Final procedural design of all treatment devices
  • Hydraulic design of all treatment devices
  • Hydraulic design of pipings
  • Dimensioning of all pumps

Process P&I diagram

  • Process P&I diagram showing main equipment, process lines and piping sizes, feed points of utilities and main instrumentation required for process

Engineering drawings

  • Drawings convey the following information:
  • Geometry - the shape of the object; represented as views; how the object will look when it is viewed from various angles, such as front, top, side
  • Dimensions – the size of the object is captured in accepted units
  • Tolerances – the allowable variations for each dimension
  • Material – represents what the item is made of

Layout drawing

  • Layout drawing with dimensions and equipment location and orientation

Process description and equipment list

  • Detailed process description, physical and chemical property for all raw and auxiliary materials
  • Component and equipment list including recommended instruments needed, potential suppliers and necessary pipings

Extended profitability calculation

  • Consumption of utilities
  • Energy consumption
  • Personnel expenditures
  • Investment costs for electrical engineering
  • Investment costs for mechanical devices (pumps etc.)
  • Investment costs for plant construction
  • Investment costs for piping
  • Investment costs for mounting and installation

Electrical engineering

  • Specifications for electrical- and I&C engineering
  • Specifications for PLC/DCS
  • Circuit diagrams and detailed wiring diagrams


  • Manual
  • Instruction for erection, operation, and maintenance