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About us

Our approach to reaching the target is systematic
- The philosophy of our work.

Anyone who decides to go their own way needs clearly-defined goals and firm principles. INNOCHEM thinks and acts according to simple, clear guidelines:


  • We guide our services uncompromisingly along the needs and wishes of our customers.
  • Serving and satisfying our clients as well as responding to our own high quality demand are deeply embodied in our Company‚Äôs philosophy.
  • We accept the challenges of the market and we make this responsibility our own. We set high standards by constant discussion with all involved parties, from the municipal authorities, trade and industry, the craft industry, commerce, science, technology and politics.
  • Tradition and modern business sense are the two main pillars of our business culture.
  • We put long-term security and environmental protection above short-term cost issues.
  • We think in terms of closed material cycles and complete product life-cycles.
  • We ensure the expertise of our team through initial training courses and continuous further education.
  • We always know more than one way to achieve a goal and are therefore able to carefully weigh solution methodologies against one another.

One single contact supplying solutions from one source and, if required, including mounting and commissioning. There is no better way! Come in and click through to your particular application or technology.


Industrial Solutions: Every industry has its own peculiarities. We at INNOCHEM recognize this and have adapted our solutions accordingly.


Loop Bioreactor: High Performance Bioreactor (HPB) have gained increasing attention in the field of biological waste water treatment over the past years.


Excess Sludge Reduction: INNOCHEM offers a number of innovative solutions to avoid the appearance of excess sludge during biological waste water treatment.