Environmental Mediation
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Environmental Mediation

Environmental mediation
– what might that be?

The word “mediation“ is derived from Latin; the root meaning is ”go-between“. Environmental mediation is a voluntary, clearly structured procedure in which all those affected by a project with environmental implications search together for a permanent solution. They are assisted in this by impartial mediators. INNOCHEM has experts available with two qualifications, professional mediation-skills and profound environmental engineering knowledge.

As an instrument for conflict solution and participation, environmental mediation is particularly suited to environmental engineering projects. In particular this applies to projects subject to environmental regulation or that may have an environmental impact (emissions, consumption of resources, etc.). The important feature of environmental mediation is that all stakeholders are included in the process of preparing a decision as partners on an equal footing.

Environmental mediation does not take the place of administrative approval procedures; instead, these are augmented, as additional aspects are taken into account. Mediation processes at best take place before an administrative or political decision is taken, so there is enough negotiating leeway for a consensual decision. As a result, stakeholders are more likely to accept the project and there are fewer formal objections, which makes life easier for administrators and law-courts.


INNOCHEM has many years of mediating-experience. Benefits for all parties caused by mutual solutions are obvious:

  • Mediation is cost and time saving
  • Avoids polarization of parties
  • Is educative
  • Probes wider issues than the formal court system
  • Provides greater access to justice
  • Gives disputants more control over the dispute process

A number of reasons exist for keeping mediation private and confidential.