Energy Efficiency
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Energy Efficiency

Nothing works without energy. Our needs and demands concerning energy use are various. We need energy in order to, render services and to manufacture products. The amount of energy we use for different purposes depends on the intelligence and efficiency of the use of energy. Furthermore, it depends on the existing infrastructure, the market conditions and the political-administrative framework. In addition, demands concerning care economy and requirements regarding flexibility have an impact on the energy we use. Energy savings resp. an increase in energy efficiency can be achieved at different sections of the supply and demand chain:

  • in energy supply: renewables, combined heat (cold) and power production, efficient power plants.

  • in energy transmission and distribution, e.g., by using energy-efficient transformers, reducing or - in heat grids - insulating lines and system optimization;

  • on the energy demand side by intelligent use of energy without reducing the level of comfort, by substituting an energy carrier by one that uses less primary energy, re-use of heat by installing heat-exchangers or by reducing energy consuming products or services.